The Intellitest leak detector is an automated SCSR (Self-Contained Self Rescuer) test unit designed to test the integrity of SCSR housings. It uses negative pressure testing to 70mBar or 200mBar depending on the requirement and is designed to be very user friendly with only two operating modes: “calibration” and “run”. It is available in two versions, a dedicated version to test a single type of SCSR, or the full version designed to test any of the SCSRs listed below. An option that captures test results in a database is also available.

The Intellitest has the following features:

  • Fully automated testing
  • Visual inspection buttons
  • Rugged housing used for both the control unit and the test chamber
  • Supplied with a calibration pack as per the customers requirement
  • Database support for test results (the unit is supplied with a barcode scanner in this case)
  • CSIR approved

The supported SCSR Models are listed below. Calibration packs are also available for these models. Please contact us if additional models are required.

  • Afrox 35
  • Dräger Oxyboks K25
  • MSA Savox
  • Roxy40 and Roxy40R
  • Roxy30
  • Ocenco M40